Crash Course in Human-Centred Design for Policymakers
How to find out what your users want

Access the slides for the crash course here and the recording here

In government, it’s not always possible to hire a team to do user research. The good news is that you don’t always need one, but you do need buy-in from even your most skeptical stakeholders. This workshop is for those inside government who don’t have a dedicated design team but want to learn innovative techniques to reshape the way they work and focus on users’ actual needs. In this online workshop, interaction designer Jodi Leo will share:

  • Why you might need to do user research;
  • How to convince your team to do it; and
  • What success (and failure) looks like.

Along the way, she’ll bust some common myths about user research and share stories from her 20+ year career.

Things shared

About the speaker: Jodi Leo is an interaction designer, user researcher, and educator. She is the VP of Research and Design at Nava, a public benefit corporation that uses human-centered design practices to improve how government serves everyone. Jodi has worked with Apple, Citibank, Lexus, and other Fortune 500 companies. She is a professor at SVA Masters in Interaction Design and a critic at RISD.

Open to all participants from the public service, civil society, and academia. If you are not yet a member of Apolitical, you will be taken to a signup page that will automatically register you for the workshop. Link not working? Click here for an alternative registration link for members.