How to prepare for the government workforce of 2030

    In the wake of automation, rapid public sector innovation and an ever-changing workforce, you’ve probably wondered: What will your job look like in ten years? Are you taking the necessary steps to prepare for the future?

    There is no one better to help answer these questions than the leaders setting the trends in public sector recruitment and career development.

    That’s why we hosted Patrick Borbey, President of Canada’s Public Service Commission; Shirley Comerford, Chief Executive of Ireland’s Public Appointments Service; and Flavia Goulart, Director of Careers and People Development at Brazil’s Federal Government.

    During this workshop, you will learn:

    • What managers will look for when hiring for the future
    • Which skills you need to focus on in order to future-proof your career
    • What your job will look like in 10 years (and how to reap the rewards)