Apolitical promises you:

Impact: Advance one of the most important missions out there – helping governments be a powerful force for good all over the world.

An Exceptional Team: Be surrounded by talented, caring colleagues and inspiring managers who help you up your game. 

Clarity: We will build a culture of giving and receiving honest feedback across the company. You will know how you are doing, as will we.

Growth: Get autonomy and responsibility, which we support through a culture of aspirational, ongoing learning.

Flexibility: We trust you to manage your own time and energy, and give you the freedom to optimise around it.

Regard for wellbeing: We are thoughtful about, and supportive of, your wellness, especially in current circumstances. 

Compensation: We pay you market standard compensation for your role. You will also own a stake in the company’s success, with stock options after your first year.


You promise your colleagues & company:

Exceptional Performance: You strive to embody Apolitical’s Leadership Principles – first and foremost to navigate by our mission.

Well intentioned candour: You default to giving and receiving thoughtful, rounded feedback to all the people you work with, knowing that this is how we grow.

Ownership of your learning and career: You’ll reflect on yourself, know where you’re going, so we can help you chart a course.

Resilience: You will cultivate flexibility, patience and perspective for the times when things move fast – and you’ll remember that great endeavours take persistence.



Leadership Principles

Apolitical is an ambitious company with a difficult mission which requires highly able, self-motivated and driven people. Outstanding colleagues is also one of the key things that makes Apolitical an inspiring place to work. These Leadership Principles characterise what makes a great team member no matter which role they are in. But this is not about being a cookie cutter company: we celebrate the fact that individuals and leaders, while embodying these principles, will have different approaches and ways of working. 

A consequence of this high standard is that not everyone is going to flourish here. As a first option we will try and move you to something else within the company. If we think there’s a systemic mis-alignment we will move you on. This should never be a surprise, as we are cultivating a fast, free-flowing and candid feedback culture which allows people to know exactly how they are doing. 

These principles supersede the previous company wide company framework, operating principles, and complement function- and role-specific progression frameworks provided in teams.


  • Navigate by the mission: Apolitical leaders always start with why. We connect the why of any action to the why of our mission (to make government work better for people and the planet) and our primary value (public service first). 

  • Make no small plans: Apolitical leaders set goals that match the ambition and urgency of our mission, make difficult trade offs, and focus. We know we will create more impact by achieving half of a daring endeavour than all of a timid one.

  • Think deeply and critically: Apolitical leaders toggle constantly between the big picture and the detail. We assess both from first principles, and do the work to communicate our thinking clearly. We listen deeply and value impartial data in our decision making. We are inspired by the certainty that we don’t know what we don’t know.

  • Act like pioneers: Apolitical leaders embrace the fact we are on a challenging and uncertain journey. We are motivated by curiosity and impatience at the status quo. We prioritise rapid adaptation and iteration, remembering that most decisions are reversible but that lost time is irretrievable. We are creative, resourceful, and practical problem-solvers. 

  • Operate as owners: Apolitical leaders act and make decisions in the best interests of the company, our team, and other teams. We take ownership of our work and hold ourselves accountable. We take initiative and proactively and willingly go outside of our areas of responsibility. When we surface problems, we propose solutions. We steward resources as if they were our own. And we take the long view, never sacrificing long term value for short results. 

  • Earn trust: Apolitical leaders know that high trust enables us to take significant risks and rigorously debate ideas without colleagues feeling personally attacked. We default to trusting the intentions, abilities, and judgement of colleagues. We actively build trust by being candid but also kind and constructive. We default to transparency. We challenge ideas when we disagree, trusting that once a decision is made we may still disagree but we will all commit to it fully. We work just as obsessively to build trust outside of the company. 

  • Learn voraciously and curiously: Apolitical leaders have an unquenchable thirst to develop our skills, broaden and deepen our knowledge, and understand the complex systems, institutions, and technologies we work with. We seek learning near and far. We start with inviting constant feedback from our colleagues, and gratefully receiving it. We prize learning from doing. We think mistakes and failed experiments are inevitable but that failing to learn from them is neither inevitable nor acceptable. 

  • Raise standards: Apolitical leaders have high ambitions and high standards to match. We stretch the company so we can deliver better for the people we serve. This starts with setting the bar highest for ourselves. We continually challenge our team to raise their standards, knowing that raising standards raises the quality and imagination of solutions.

  • Elevate the team: Apolitical leaders know our mission and team win when we hire and develop exceptional people. We elevate our team’s performance standards with every new hire and promotion. We invest in exceptional talent, proactively and willingly finding ways to stretch them, including in different teams. We remember that leaders develop leaders, and we never underestimate the long term value we create with the time we spend mentoring and coaching others. 

  • Invest in joy and happiness: Apolitical leaders sign up for a journey that is hard, uncertain, and sometimes requires working long hours and navigating stressful periods. We know this makes joy and happiness even more essential. We honour the outsized responsibility we have over the happiness of our colleagues. We invest in improving this. We take our mission and goals seriously, but not ourselves. We treasure the tonics of humour and laughter.