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Role Overview

If you love policy, have excellent judgement and communication skills in dealing with important partners, are analytical but a fast-paced do-er, and keen to develop hard digital skills and knowledge – this could be the role for you at Apolitical. This is a unique entry-level role for someone with high potential to develop core start-up and widely transferable skills, demonstrate impact from day 1, and if successful, lead a critical strategy at Apolitical. A core part of Apolitical’s offering to public servants is unique and valuable content (analysis, op-eds, case studies) that we write and commission from leading experts on a whole range of issues – from the use of agile methodology in government to dealing with the migration crisis. Your job will be to optimise this content for Google Search and figure out how to make sure they are linked to by reputable, relevant partner organisations. (These activities are also known as Search Engine Optimisation). Such links are one of the key ways in which Google recognises our work as a reputable source of knowledge. By gaining these links, you will improve the chances that public servants find our content when they need it via google searches, allowing Apolitical to maximise its impact.

Your weekly activities will involve: reading and staying on top of the content produced by Apolitical’s writing team, as well as helping to inform their content production, researching the Google Search landscape of relevant sites and search terms, identifying relevant opportunities where our content can be linked to that of other reputable partners such as governments, foundations and NGOs, juggling phone and email communications with several dozens of these organisations to gain these links, supporting your team (the digital marketing team) in getting other relevant and valuable links, analysing your results and iterating your strategy. Given that Apolitical’s writing team produces much of our content, this is not a core writing role – however the person doing this job should be a persuasive written communicator, be able to write great summaries of our content and may have the opportunity to write the occasional high impact article to support our SEO efforts. If you are delivering results you will be given a lot of autonomy to run and learn from your own experiments, expanding your knowledge all the time. If you fulfil the role’s potential of being the company lead on content-based SEO, you will advise the content, campaigns, and PR functions of Apolitical, as well as the digital marketing team.

If you have never before considered a role related to SEO, marketing, or sales, be reassured that prior experience is not a requirement. If you have experience in any of these areas, so much the better. Either way, you’ll need to be committed to rising up a very steep learning curve. You should consider this role if you are good at talking to and persuading people, are highly organised, are analytical yet fast paced, and have a strong appreciation of policy issues. In doing this role, you will develop exceptional communications and sales skills – essential in any outward facing or entrepreneurial role, highly transferable organisational skills juggling multiple stakeholders, a deep knowledge of government innovation and policymaking globally, and valuable technical knowledge and skills for the digital world of work. Coming out of this role you will be an ideal candidate for more senior positions in the areas of SEO, sales, (digital) marketing, or partnerships, as well as a much wider range of positions which would leverage many of these professional skills.To see some of the content we produce, take a look here at an example of our weekly briefing, published each week.

Role Responsibilities

  • Learn about content marketing and linkbuilding to help you carry out your role with ever greater sophistication.
  • Gain links from reputable and relevant organisations to our valuable content and platform more widely to make sure public servants see it when they need us. This will entail a high level of phone and email communication with important external stakeholders.
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data from marketing campaigns to assess your success.
  • Build and manage your own pipeline of leads.
  • Perform market analysis and research on keywords, competition, and search term numbers to iterate and inform our content marketing strategy.
  • Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g direct mail and web).
  • Help to optimise some of our historic content by writing compelling summaries that will show up in search results.
  • Pitch into helping the digital marketing team with link-building and daily administrative tasks.

Role Requirements

  • You are an exceptional communicator, verbally and in writing; with a persuasive, confident and articulate manner.
  • You have a demonstrable appreciation for government and policymaking
  • You are analytical and willing to drill down into data and detail to build a wider strategy
  • You are highly organised and like the idea of running your own experiments
  • You have a track record of problem solving autonomously and creatively
  • You have the desire and ability to develop your skills and knowledge in:
    • persuasive communications and securing deals
    • the basics of SEO
  • You work well in teams – helping to get the most out of a collective effort.
  • You can persevere and self-motivate in the face of failure.
  • You have excellent knowledge of G-suite.