The men and women in government everywhere face the same frontier challenges

From migration, terrorism and climate change to urbanisation, inequality and new technologies, public servants are on the front line of our world’s greatest challenges. Across departments and countries, many are tackling the same complex problems. A critical obstacle faced by public servants – whether in state, city or local government – is finding access to others working on innovative solutions to similar challenges.

It’s time for a new narrative that supports the best people in public service

Apolitical highlights new ideas, effective solutions and the stories of the heroic work that happens every day to make our societies prosper. We believe that by highlighting what works – and by helping inspired and innovative public servants to connect, learn and collaborate across silos – that government will work even better, and attract the best talent to solve our biggest challenges.

We make it easier to discover what’s working and connect with those behind it

Apolitical is building an international knowledge platform and community of public servants to make it easy to discover and share the best solutions anywhere, and connect with the people making them happen. We are proud to partner with inspired individuals, networks and organisations who share our respect for the many excellent men and women in government and our belief in their important role in solving our biggest challenges.


Apolitical is a for-profit company, founded by mission-driven entrepreneurs. We are currently undergoing registration to become a Certified B Corporation, a high and internationally recognised standard of accountability and transparency.