*Deadline to Register: June 15*

Exclusive for Western Cape Government, South Africa
10-Day Accelerator | Beginning July 15

The opportunity:

As part of Western Cape Government’s role in providing learning and development opportunities to support career progression, we are partnering with Apolitical, the first of its kind global peer-to-peer platform for government, to provide an online learning accelerator.

Over the course of the accelerator we’ll explore the question — What will our workplace look like in 10 years? You will develop skills, knowledge and curiosity to imagine the future of the Western Cape Government, and your role in it.

You’ll have access to exclusive online talks from experts, brand new online courses, daily skills digests and Apolitical’s platform, including a network of pioneering public servants from more than 170 countries.

Who this is for:

The course is targeted at anyone in the Western Cape Government with eagerness and appetite to change the way the public service works.

If you identify with this and are interested in taking part, you should sign up by June 15.

What you’ll get:

Over the course of the 10-day accelerator, which starts on July 15, participants in the program will be given access to:

  • Ten bite-sized emails, delivered once each morning, introducing a new perspective relevant to the future of government;
  • Four interactive online courses developed in consultation with the UK and international governments;
  • One interactive online game to teach public servants about the pressures facing policy professionals when designing cross-sector partnerships and digital services; and
  • One online workshop on creativity and imagining the future, delivered by leading experts from Apolitical’s network and curated by their team

Apolitical is a free service: there is no charge to join, to access any of the accelerator content, or to use the platform beyond the completion of the accelerator. After the accelerator, you will be able to retain your membership of the Apolitical community with access to resources and your growing, global public sector network.’

Minimum time commitment:

Approximately 2 hours across the 10-day accelerator is the minimum required time (10 minutes per day), but there will be ample opportunity to take advantage of opportunities beyond this. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out!

We will be asking for your feedback via surveys, and would ask that all accelerator participants give us their views to help us inform any ongoing partnerships or future learning materials we may wish to develop with Apolitical.

How to sign up:

Simply enter your details to sign up for the Apolitical platform using your government email address:

On signup, you will receive an email prompting you to activate your account.

In the days following signup, you will be sent an email introducing you to the accelerator, and a short survey to complete to help inform the accelerator.


Please direct any questions or comments to sean.long@apolitical.co, and a member of the team will work to answer them.