The digital government atlas: the world’s best tools and resources

All you need to launch a digital revolution in your department

Welcome to Apolitical’s digital government resource atlas — a collection of some of the best publicly available tools, guidebooks and datasets from around the world.

It’s the brainchild of Chris Ferguson, a director at the UK’s Government Digital Service, who wondered why there wasn’t one place for public servants to find all the cool freely available tools for digital government.

It was curated with help from Apolitical’s members: public servants from over 140 countries.

With this collection of resources and toolkits, you’ll be able to work out how to launch a digital revolution in your department, and find some of the tools to help you do it. We are constantly looking to update this document. If you have a suggestion for a great resource please use our google form.



🇬🇧 UK Government Service Manual
A user-friendly manual covering all the topics government teams need to create and run digital services

🇺🇸 18F Digital Service Delivery Guides
Comprehensive technical guides focused on user-centred development

🇨🇦 Ontario Digital Service Design Playbook
A crash course on service design, structured around a “digital service design life cycle”

🇺🇸 The U.S, Digital Services Playbook
A 13-point playbook with interactive checklists and key questions

🇸🇬 GovTech Singapore Digital Government Blueprint
A framework outlining how to build a government that is “digital to the core”

🇬🇧 Nesta Designing for Public Services: a practical guide
A general guide focusing on design tools and methods for the public sector

🇺🇸 Usability How To and Tools
A selection of guidance and methods to improve user experience

🌏 WEF Digital Policy Playbook
A report using case studies from all over the world to assess approaches to digital government

🌏 OECD Digital Government Toolkit
A comparison of good digital government practices across OECD countries

🇨🇴 Colombia’s Manual de Gobierno Digital (Spanish)
An example of a government guide created to help other agencies implement digital policies

🇲🇽 Mexico’s Guías del Estándar por Estado de Digitalización (Spanish)
A compendium of good practices, reference models and documentation to guide the digitisation of government institutions in Mexico


🇳🇿 New Zealand’s Digital Service Design Standard
12 “high-level purpose statements” accompanied by more detailed objectives

🇦🇺 Australia’s Digital Service Standard
13 standards that “ensure digital teams build government services that are simple, clear and fast”

🇬🇧 The UK’s Digital Service Standard
A set of 18 criteria to “help government create and run good digital services”

🇫🇮 Finland’s Principles of Digitalisation
Nine principles that boost productivity and user-orientation in public services

🇦🇷 Argentina’s Estándares de Servicios Digitales (Spanish)
Principles and technical guidelines for developing digital services in Argentina

🇨🇦 Ontario Inclusive Design Cards
Five standards to ensure the design process is inclusive

🇦🇹 Vienna Principles
Nine principles to ensure that Vienna’s distinct identity remains in the age of digitisation

🇨🇦 Ontario’s Digital Service Standard
14 points to “help anyone build and deliver excellent government services”


🇬🇧 UK Government Digital Service GitHub
1000+ repositories

🇺🇸 18F GitHub
1000+ repositories

🇸🇬 Singapore Government Digital Services GitHub
90+ repositories

🇦🇺 Australia Digital Transformation Office GitHub
90+ repositories

🇨🇦 Canadian Digital Service GitHub
50+ repositories

🇪🇪 Estonia e-Government Building Blocks
50+ repositories

🇮🇹 Italy Team Digitale
50+ repositories


🇪🇸 Consul
Open government and e-participation web software originally developed for the Madrid city government e-participation website

🇨🇭 CHVote
A Swiss open source electronic voting system 

🇮🇸 Citizens Foundation
A nonprofit based in Iceland offering creative and secure digital democracy solutions

🇪🇸 Decidim
Free open-source participatory democracy framework for cities, originally developed for the Barcelona city government

A platform for sharing the American federal government’s code

🌎 eGov SmartCity eGovernance Suite
A suite of products aimed at improving the efficiency, transparency, accountability and service delivery of municipal governments

🌎 Digital State
An open platform for digital public services

🇨🇦 Web Experience Toolkit
An open source front-end framework for building websites from the Canadian government

🇬🇧 Fix My Street
mySociety’s popular map-based reporting platform

🇪🇪/🇫🇮 X-Road Data Exchange Layer
Source code of the X-Road data exchange layer software developed in partnership by Finnish and Estonian governments


🇬🇧 Future Cities Catapult Tombolo
A digital connector which pulls together and merges governments’ different data sets

🇬🇧 Performance Platform Dashboard
An exemplar data platform which provides timely, meaningful and actionable data on 781 UK government services

🇳🇿 New Zealand Digital Service Design Tools
Tools to help test ideas and products with real users and design services that work for people

🇦🇺 Government of South Australia Digital Transformation Toolkit
Four tools for governments to develop their digital strategies

🇩🇰 Danish Design Centre Tools
A selection of easy to use tools to encourage innovation and design thinking

🇳🇴 Project Wizard
Difi’s recommended project model for managing digitalisation projects in public enterprises.

🌎 OGP Toolbox
An interactive collection of digital solutions to improve democracy

🌎 Public Design Vault
500+ design tools for public good, all in one place


🇦🇺 Government of South Australia Open Data Guide
A guide including an action plan, toolkit and framework

🇨🇭 Open Data Swiss Handbook
Step-by-step guide for those wishing to publish open government data

🇳🇿 New Zealand Data Standards and Guidance
Resources, guidance and tutorials on how to define, manage and release government data

🇺🇸 Project Open Data
Collection of definitions, guidance, tools and case studies around open data

🌎 The Open Data Handbook
Guides, case studies and resources for government & civil society on the “what, why and how” of open data

🇬🇧 The ODI How to write a good open data policy
A checklist to ensure open data policy is clear, useful and has the best impact

🌎 Tactical Data Engagement Guide
A resource to help facilitate opportunities for to improve residents’ lives

🇬🇧 The ODI’s Open Standards for Data Guidebook
A guidebook that helps people and organisations create, develop and adopt open standards for data

🇬🇧 The ODI’s Data Ethics Canvas
A new approach for organisations to identify and manage data ethics considerations

🌎 WWW Consortium’s Data on the Web Best Practices
A document providing best practices related to the publication and usage of data on the web

The world’s leading open source data portal platform

🇳🇴 National Data Directory of Norway
The source code for the National Data Directory of Norway, including search, harvester and registration applications


🇺🇸 Data USA
A visualisation engine for public US government data

🇦🇺 Australia Open Data Portal
Provides access to data published by the Australian government and various public institutions

🇬🇧 UK Office for National Statistics
The UK’s largest independent provider of official statistics

🇸🇬 Singapore Government Open Data
Data repository that aims to make data relevant and comprehensible to the public via visualisation models and application development

🇲🇽 Mexico Open Data Portal
The official open data portal of the Mexican government

🇨🇭 Open Data Swiss
An open data portal with all the data from the Swiss government and associated organisations 

🇺🇳 UN Open Data Portal
All the UN’s various databases in once place

🇬🇧 London DataStore
The Greater London Authority’s initiative to release its data sets for public usage

🇺🇸 NYC Open Data
A hub aimed at engaging New Yorkers with data produced and used by the New York City government

🇭🇰 Hong Kong Open Data Portal
User-friendly government open-license data portal

🇪🇺 European Data Portal
A portal which harvests the metadata of public sector information available on public data portals across European countries

🌎 Global Open Data Index
A site which provides a comprehensive snapshot available of the state of open government data publication

🌎 Open Data Monitor
A platform that gives visitors an overview of available open data resources and allows them to analyse and visualise the data

🌎 Open Data Barometer
A global measure of how governments are publishing and using open data


🇦🇺 NationalMap Australia
A website for map-based access to spatial data from Australian government agencies

🌎 DataVizWiz
Data visualisation tool that provides fast way of getting maps, graphs, data summaries, and lightweight API online

🌎 Local Data
A cloud-based mapping platform that helps cities and communities make data-driven decisions by capturing and visualising street-level information in real time

🌎 Citizen Budget
An open-source online budget simulator for governments that also provides a platform for two-way dialogue between government and citizens

🌎 Tableau Public
Data visualisation service that allows users to embed visualisations into web pages and blogs

🌎 Charted
Easy to use chart maker by Medium’s product science team. Allows you to build a chart by entering a link to a Google Spreadsheet or CSV file

🌎 Datawrapper
A chart and map creator and associated platform

🌎 MyHeatMap
Interactive, colour-coded heat maps created from CSV files — no complex code or API knowledge needed

🌎 RawGraphs
An open source data visualisation framework that aims to make visualising complex data easy for all

🌎 D3.JS
A JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data using HTML, SVG, and CSS

🌎 Timeline
An open-source tool that enables anyone to build visually rich, interactive timelines

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