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  • September 10, 2018
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From “ethical hackers” to “free agents” — cool government jobs open now

Apply for the most unconventional jobs in public service today

Looking for a new role? Or curious about the work life of other departments in the public service? These careers, from practicing medicine in rural New Zealand to (legally) hacking the UK’s digital services, are among the most unconventional and meaningful jobs in government today. And even better, all of these positions are looking for applicants. What’s stopping you from giving it a go?

A new kind of ‘special agent’

Free Agent — Government of Canada

Join a cohort of civil servants — screened for 14 attributes such as creativity, humility, and problem-solving capacity — who move between departments to work on projects that suit their individual interests and skills. Beyond using your in-depth knowledge in a specialised field to assist various government agencies, you’ll also be assigned a talent manager who’ll develop a plan for your professional development. When else will you get the chance to escape from your departmental silo and get involved with the rest of the public sector’s work — with a guaranteed return ticket to your own?

Build the future of intelligence

Project Manager — Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)

Join Nobel Prize- and Fields Medal-winning researchers to lead a self-designed, high-risk high-payoff program that tackles the most difficult challenges in the US Intelligence Community. Current research groups include MICrONS, which seeks to reverse-engineer brain algorithms, and C3, which is developing a low-power alternative to vast centralized computing facilities, among others. You’ll lay out the the research objectives and guiding processes (average projects last 3-5 years) and IARPA will fund your entire work — if you get chosen from the highly competitive applicant pool, that is.

Indulge your inner artist

Multimedia Technician — Australian Defence Force
Interactive Designer — Central Intelligence Agency

Fancy indulging your artistic side? Look no further: the public service is hiring creatives. As a designer or multimedia technician, you’ll use illustration, animation, production and other skills to create web and print materials for government agencies. You could create anything from events briefings for the Australian Defence Force to intelligence analysis for the President of the US.

Hack government IT — legally

Ethical Hacker — Government Digital Services

As an ethical hacker, your task is to find chinks in government’s IT armour before the unethical hackers get there. You’ll evaluate the security of the government’s digital services infrastructure and fix vulnerable areas. Besides being fluent in multiple computing languages including Python, you’ll also need strong leadership skills — in the event of a security breach, you’ll be the one leading the digital response team to re-secure the network.

Launch the digital revolution

Mobile App Developer — Govtech Singapore
Product Manager — Canada Digital Service, Product Team

When they’re not training tomorrow’s leaders in the tech industry, Singapore’s GovTech agency is hiring them. Join one of the world’s leading digital government departments as a mobile app developer to code and design the newest productivity-hacking products. And If you’re less interested in the tech side of digital services, join the product team — you’ll make services more accessible for citizens by tracking user feedback, and handle communications with outside organisations.

A country doctor

Psychiatrist — New Zealand Government

Tired of the bustle of city life, but still eager to do good? Join the West Coast District Health Board (DHB), a community of medical workers that develop and give specialised care to rural communities. Not only will you get the opportunity to practice in the vastly underserved field of rural health, but also easy access to some of the world’s most beautiful natural areas. And even if you’re not a certified mental health practitioner, the West Coast DHB is seeking plenty of other medical professionals, as well as administrative staff.

For the tech-policy wonks in the house

Technology Policy Officer — Government Digital Services

Love the tech and policy fields too much to choose one? Don’t — choose both instead. This role is instrumental to laying the regulatory groundwork for the future of digital government. You’ll work alongside members of several teams, from technical writers to open source coders, to support digital best practice standards and meet users’ needs. You’ll also work with other departments to make sure they’re adhering to the Technology Code of Practice. Get the best of the digital and policy worlds, and prepare the foundations of their intersection. — Alia Shahzad

(Picture credit: Pexels)


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