Celebrate the Everyday Champions

Recognise a colleague as an everyday champion and accelerate the positive actions that make government better

We’re inviting you to identify the Everyday Champions of 2018: people whose actions consistently make government better. This might look like pioneering and trail blazing work, or it may look like deep, everyday service to the public. This work, rarely easy and often lonely, is vital to helping government achieve its mission.

Therefore we are celebrating and connecting these people as 2018 Everyday Champions, a community drawn from our 150 member countries – all nominated by you.

Who can you recognise? Anyone who made government better this year: public servants, policymakers, or people in academia or the third sector who work on policy or closely with government. We want to find the unsung heroes, looking past celebrated executives, to the people doing great work every day. You must submit a nomination before the 7th of December.

To start, think of someone who:

     •   Inspires you to think and work differently
     •   Turns talk into action
     •   Taught you something new this year
     •   Always has a helpful mindset
     •   Bravely works in tough situations
     •   …or choose your own!

(Picture credit: Pexels)


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