Digital and AI skills for public servants: where to learn for free

Prepare yourself for the future of tech with these open courses

Digital and AI


  • The Roadmap to IT Modernisation (GovLoop) – Take half an hour to learn about how your agency could benefit from IT modernisation and what it takes to make it happen | Super short
  • Strategies and Methodology for E-government (UN) – This course is designed to facilitate speedy e-government development by outlining and analysing policies, laws, regulations and critical success factors | Medium
  • Principles of E-government (UN) – A basic course providing the background knowledge on the basic concepts of ICT development in government with a focus on e-government | Medium
  • Agile for the Government Product Owner (Agile Government Leaders) – A course from Agile government professionals on how to bring the Agile framework’s benefits to your team | Long
  • Tech for Good: The Role of ICT in Achieving the SDGs (SDG Academy) – This newly-launched, ten-week course guides you through the new technologies improving millions of lives – and how policymakers need to respond to them | Super long

Tech skills

  • CodeAcademy – This collection of hugely popular interactive lessons covers every topic you need to become a master coder. An absolute must for anyone wanting to develop their coding skills | Varying
  • Tech Essentials Path (GovLoop) – This learning path is designed to help you understand the latest trends and tools in government technology including cloud computing, open data, and DevOps and how to apply them in your job | Short
  • Cloud Crash Course (GovLoop) – In this learning path, you’ll learn about the basics of cloud computing, the ins and outs of cloud service delivery models and strategies for procuring cloud technologies | Short
  • Introduction to Cyber Security (HMRC) – This course will help you understand and recognise cyber-threats in your professional and personal lives | Long


  • Intro to Artificial Intelligence (Udacity) – Learn the fundamentals of AI and it’s potential applications | Long
  • Machine Learning Crash Course (Google) – Google’s fast-paced, practical introduction to machine learning | Long
  • Data Science: Machine Learning (Harvard Business School) – A brilliant interactive course where students earn the basics of machine learning, the science behind the most popular and successful data science techniques, as you build a movie recommendation system | Long
  • Machine Learning (Stanford) – An deep dive into machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition | Super long


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