Design and innovation skills for public servants: where to learn for free

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Design and Innovation

  • Innovation in the Government (The Queen Raina Foundation) – This entry-level course offers key frameworks and tools for for public servants looking for policy solutions to 21st century challenges in government | Super short
  • GovLoop Human Centered Design – Explore new ways to put the citizen at the centre of the design process with this five lesson learning path | Short
  • Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking (Stanford University) – An unconventional learning experience teaching the basic principles of design thinking and how to adapt them into your personal and professional routines | Short
  • Designing for public services: a practical guide by Nesta & IDEO (Nesta) – This guide brings together in one place a collection of practical tools and methods for using design in public services | Short
  • Innovation Policy Toolkit (Nesta) – This guide provides an overview of important concepts and latest thinking in innovation and debunks some common myths | Short
  • Strategic Innovation Toolkit for Managers (Vanderbilt University) – A course for learning new skills and strategies that you can immediately apply to drive innovation in your organisation and understanding the six most common constraints to innovation | Long
  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making (Delft) – An award-winning MOOC teaching its students on how to solve complex problems with analysis-based decision-making and solution designs | Super Long


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