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Welcome to Apolitical’s Data and Digital Directory — a collection of many of the world’s best publicly available courses and resources that can help equip public servants with the digital skills they need for the future.

We’ve got you covered with the best courses, essential reads and guides and conferences as well as some invaluable newsletters:

📈 Data Analysis

Essential Reading and Resources

📰 How a Data Portal from Brazil Conquered the US and Africa (Apolitical): Read how a Brazilian state’s innovative open data project is now being used as a model worldwide | short

📰 Talking Data Like a Pro: A Plain English Guide to Data Analytics (Nesta): This resource is a jargon buster that aims to promote better communication between data beginners and pros | short

📗 Wise Council: Insights from the Cutting Edge of Data-Driven Local Government (Nesta): A report that profiles how data is being used in an innovative way in the UK government | long

📊 Data visualisation

Online Data Visualisation Courses

🖱️ Telling a Story with Data (Apolitical): A 15-minute interactive course that helps public servants think like data journalists | short

🖱️ Data Visualisation with Tableau (Apolitical): AIn this tutorial, you will learn how to analyze and display data using Tableau and make better, more data-driven decisions.| short

💻 Data Science: Visualisations (Harvard University): Learn basic data visualization principles and how to apply them | super long

💡 Agile Working

Essential Reads and Resources

📰 What is Agile Working for Government? (Apolitical): Introduction to agile ways of working in government | short

📺 How to Become an Agile Leader (Apolitical): In this short video, Alex Benay, the Chief Information Officer for the Government of Canada relays how you can become an agile leader | short

📗 Agile IT Delivery: Imperatives for Government Success (Accenture and NASCIO): After interviewing several state governments about their experience with agile, seven key trends emerged | medium

🤖 Artificial Intelligence

Essential Reads and Resources

📰 How Can Government Make the Most of AI Without Threatening Rights? (Apolitical): What you need to know on the debate for regulating robots | short

📗 Reading Guide for the Global Politics of Artificial Intelligence (University of Oxford): This reading guide has essential reads for the implications of AI on ethics, politics, economics, and governance | long and short

📔 Guide on How to Use AI in Government (UK Government): Use the UK government’s guide on how to use AI in the public sector to create an AI strategy in your department | short

📋 Coding

Online Courses

🖱️ Learn How to Code (Code Academy): Learn the basics of programming from a beginner level to intermediate in this short course | short

💻 Web Design for Everybody (University of Michigan): Learn to design, create websites and build a responsive and accessible web portfolio using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript | medium

💻Free Code Camp (Github): Learn how to code along with millions of other people in an open-source codebase and curriculum | short and long

👍 Social Media

Essential Reads and Resources

📗 Designing Social Media Policy for Government: Eight Essential Elements (University of Albany): 8 essential elements for devising a government social media strategy | medium

📰 Social Media and the Public Sector (Asian Development Bank): A resource that aims to teach how to drive stakeholder involvement and satisfaction in the public service | short

📔 An Employee Guide to Social Media Best Practices (Washington State Department of Transportation): An employee guide for using social media in the public sector | short

🗞️ Useful newsletters

Apolitical Weekly Briefing: A weekly roundup of the top policy innovation stories around the world

Digital Government Institute: This newsletter provides news and insight from the technical community in government

Center for Data Innovation: A weekly newsletter that sends the latest developments around the intersection of data, technology, and public policy to your inbox


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