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  • September 9, 2019
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Biodiversity loss puts humans and the environment at risk

Dwindling species and disappearing ecosystems, exacerbate climate change and pose problems for humans

This video features Nathalie Seddon, Director at the Nature-Based Solutions Initiative and Professor of Biodiversity at the University of Oxford (Department of Zoology, and Wadham College) where she teaches climate change, biodiversity science and sustainable development.

The video is also a part of Apolitical’s field guide Policy Solutions from Nature, which highlights how nature can be an important ally for humans, as we strive to tackle the major global challenges of poverty, biodiversity loss and climate change with innovative policies.

From storing carbon to providing food and medicine, ecosystems and biodiversity are core in supporting human activities and promoting wellbeing. But as biodiversity rapidly declines and critical ecosystems disappear, we cannot address the causes and consequences of climate change without protecting and restoring biodiverse ecosystems. Solving these interwoven problems have led to the rise of NBS, which can protect nature while enabling sustainable development.

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