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Public servants, policymakers, non profits and senior academics working closely with government

Apolitical is the global peer-to-peer platform for government. We connect policymakers to the solutions, people and partners they need to tackle increasingly complex and fast-moving problems - from climate change and inequality, to migration and AI.

Build global policy ecosystems

Government or foundation representatives

Apolitical partners with governments, foundations, universities and NGOs to identify and share policy best practice from around the world and brings together the leading experts in the field, from both inside and outside the public service. If you are interested in advancing your field via the Apolitical platform, please get in touch.

Convene bespoke events

Government, foundation or business representatives

Apolitical partners with forward-thinking organisations and businesses on bespoke, high-level policy events as well as online webinars and talks. Apolitical has a unique, behavioural science driven model that is focused on practical outcomes, meaningful audience engagement and creativity.

Our partners include


Public Tech solutions marketplace

Government suppliers or companies looking to partner with government

As part of Apolitical’s mission to advance the best solutions in government, we will soon be launching a marketplace to help public servants find new and innovative approaches and products in the private sector. If you’re interested in working with government, register your interest below.

"Our partnership with Apolitical is directly aligned with our foundation's strategy to advance best-practice, innovation and an evidence base to the people who have the most power to scale policy and programs: government."
Michael Feigelson Executive Director Bernard van Leer Foundation