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Working in government

Diversity and inclusion in the public sector. From race to disability to gender, public servants are debating how to be inclusive in government work. What’s been your experience of diversity in government?

Mental health among public servants. Public servants have been on the frontline of the Covid-19 response, both at work and at home. What’s helped you manage your mental health as a public servant?

How the pandemic has changed government. Remote working, digitisation, agile working, innovation and learning — what seemed impossible has become common in some teams. Has your department changed how it works? Do you think those changes will last?

The government policies and services that shape our world

Solving inequality: gender, racial, economic and beyond. The pandemic has amplified existing inequalities in areas like health, income, and access to opportunity. Where do you think governments should focus? What equality initiatives should we learn from?

How to build back better from Covid-19. The pandemic highlighted enormous challenges and opportunities for policymakers. Does your team have time to plan for a post-pandemic world? Why or why not?

How to design government services. The pandemic has accelerated the need to radically rethink how government services are designed and delivered. Have you seen any examples of good (or bad) service design and delivery?

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