Apolitical Foundation

Around the world, faith in politics and government is in decline. This is reflected in the rise of
populism, internationally, as distrust in public leadership has led to a rejection of the traditional
modes and institutions of democracy, and in widespread voter apathy amongst younger voters.
There is a global need to diversify and increase the pipeline of talented, ethical and effective
women and men working as public officials across countries and political organisations.
Succession planning and leadership renewal are essential to stimulate new ideas and innovation
at the frontiers of public policymaking. But without the necessary networks, support, funding, and
campaign expertise, the next generation of transformation public leaders will struggle to transition
to leadership roles in politics and government.

At Apolitical Foundation, we understand that the success of politics and government depends on
a new generation of ethical and transformational leaders transitioning into the public sector. This
is why we partnered with the Daniel Sachs Foundation to establish Apolitical Academy.

Apolitical Academy
Apolitical Academy is an independent, non-profit venture, whose mission is to make the public
service work for people everywhere by supporting the the next generation of transformational
public leaders. The Academy offers non-partisan personal leadership development and training
programmes designed to prepare diverse groups of talented and innovative leaders for careers in
government or elected political leadership.
Focused on public purpose, ethics and values, and underpinned by a high-level mentorship
programme, the Academy will identify and support young candidates, women and other political
“outsiders” who wish to transition into public service, but lack the networks and opportunities to
do so on their own.

Operations Manager
We are recruiting a dynamic and highly-driven operations manager who is also an innovator and
executor, to oversee the development of a range of institutional and operational systems at
Apolitical Foundation’s two headquarters in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Based in London, and reporting directly to the foundation’s co-founder and Executive Director, the
operations manager will have both internal and external facing responsibilities, gaining insights
into a breadth of activities across the organisation, while also learning about the day-to-day
principles of running and expanding a start-up, international non-profit organisation.

The operations manager’s principal responsibility will be to develop and deploy the systems
necessary to support the foundation’s expansion of the Apolitical Academy public leadership
programmes, by building upon our successes and experiences in Europe and Southern Africa.

As well as helping us to keep day to day operations on the road, we are looking for someone who
also possesses the aptitude and the “roll up your sleeves” attitude to get involved in and
occasionally oversee the legal, human resources, finance, and fundraising activities of the foundation.

The Operations Manager will also work closely with both the Executive Director and Development
Manager to chart Apolitical Foundation’s future organisational growth and strategic response to
the ever-increasing calls for public service leadership reform throughout the world.

Organisational Development:
• Supporting the Executive Director in the development of a growth strategy for Apolitical
Foundation’s movement to diversify and strengthen the pipeline of public leaders around the
• Developing a fundraising strategy for the foundation and its programmes, in consultation with
the Development Manager and Executive Director;
• Managing reporting and information-sharing for the foundation’s relationships with donor
prospects and grant-making organisations;
• Overseeing in-depth research and producing briefing documents on global and regional funding
opportunities for foundation programs and initiatives;
• Developing and producing company handbooks, including those for hiring and inductions for
new joiners;
• Management and tracking of key tax, legal and administrative compliance deadlines;
• Drafting ad hoc company policies where needed;
• Co-designing, drafting and first level review of contracts – including in fundraising, employment
and partnership memoranda;
• Leading the process on reporting requirements for grant funding;
• Conducting research and briefing co-founders before critical internal and external meetings;
• Setting up automations in our systems, such as email campaigns and internal and external
reporting mechanisms.
Office Administration & Organisational Management:
• Co-designing, overseeing and managing the systems and logistical aspects of Apolitical
Academy’s global leadership programmes;
• Identifying best practices and improving internal systems with an eye toward future needs and
budget realities;
• Working with the Executive Director to manage and oversee the foundation’s global budget,
expenditure and financial priorities;

• Special Assistant to the co-founders, taking care of foundation-related scheduling, travel and
booking management;
• Editing and formatting of company materials such as pitches or promotional materials;
• Executing day-to-day office administration, including
– Overseeing and stocking the office with basic supplies, and ensuring our office spaces are
fit for purpose, particularly as we grow;
– Managing paperwork and filing for legally sensitive or compliance critical processes;
– Invoicing, payments, and expense management (working alongside our legal team, tax
managers and bookkeeper);
– Managing the processes related to hiring, new joiners, and company leavers;
– Organising the logistics of company events;
– Minuting and writing up meetings;
• Researching and executing overall company infrastructure development as we grow, such as:
– Embedding new fundraising CRM systems across the company
– Finding and executing the best company telephony and communications systems
• Producing both internal and external written materials and communications – including briefing
documents, newsletters, quarterly reports and pitch deck presentations;
• Oversight and management of the organisation’s international calendar and the diary and travel
commitments of the Executive Director;
• Partnering with the Executive Director and Development Manager in essential internal
organisational leadership activities (including human resources, administration, and
organisational planning).
Attributes, Experience & Qualifications
• 5 or more years’ strategic management experience in a non-profit organisation, political
organisation, media company or government agency / institution;
• Highly intelligent and astute; holds advanced degree (Honours, Masters or PhD) from a leading
• Excellent and proven organisational skills. Track record of delivering superior results,
commanding respect, and assuming leadership roles;
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Outstanding interpersonal skills are essential;
• Attention to detail. Success in roles requiring the execution of multiple tasks while responding to
multiple priorities;
• Comfortable both analysing and producing qualitative content and quantitative data;
• Experience working with senior executive teams. Demonstrated ability to build and maintain
relationships with a wide array of stakeholders – junior and senior, for-profit and nonprofit, from
a diversity of backgrounds;
• Operates with excellence in mind in all matters, has the confidence to defend and debate ideas
without the interference of ego;

• Enthusiastic about building an organisation that runs smoothly, and building the right systems to
support this objective;
• A creative and imaginative self-starter, who possesses the self-discipline to meet outcomes in a
relatively unstructured, entrepreneurial working environment;
• Digitally savvy – able to adopt and use new software for operational and management purposes,
and troubleshoot IT issues;
• Proven ability to work with efficiency, flexibility, empathy and good humour;
• Passionate about Apolitical Foundation’s mission; committed to reforming and diversifying
public sector leadership around the globe;
• Remains focused in the face of pressure, delivers against timelines, is not intimidated by tasks /
time limitations.



Please submit a CV and covering letter to academy@apolitical.foundation


Our Work Style
Apolitical Foundation values hard and smart work, whilst having fun along the way, and respects
and supports people’s lives outside of work. We are a highly flexible and supportive workplace —
location, hours, holidays — asking team members to consider the needs and deadlines of the
team. We are committed to building an organisation that is great for the world and great for the
people who work with us.

Non-Discrimination & Equal Opportunity Policy
Apolitical Foundation does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion
(creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual
orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are
not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of
services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members
of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors and clients.
Apolitical Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate and will take
affirmative action measures to prevent discrimination in employment, recruitment, advertisements
for employment, compensation, termination, upgrading, promotions, and other conditions of
employment against any employee or job applicant on the basis of race, colour, gender, national
origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender