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A Belgian man has become the country’s first to be convicted of public sexism

The man was fined around $3,700 under new anti-sexism laws after he...

The Guardian

US cities have started monitoring wastewater to track opioid addiction

At present, many public officials rely on reactive data like overdoses and...


France has committed $865million to building solar plants in other countries

The funds are part of an international alliance, set up by the...


Tokyo will go ‘zero emissions’ during Olympic ceremonies by using carbon credits

In 2010, Tokyo created Japan’s first emissions trading system, imposing an overall...

Japan for Sustainability

The US is introducing European-style apprenticeships to teach the skills of the future

Some six million Americans are unemployed – but companies have 5.9million unfilled...


UK playgrounds are building in risk to toughen up little kids

Crates, bricks, mud pits and workbenches with knives and saws have been...

The New York Times