The Public Servant’s Guide to Policy

An Online Boot Camp on Integrated Policy 2.0

Free 💸 | Exclusive for Canadian Public Servants and Policy Practitioners 🇨🇦 | Begins 17th November 📅

A Collaboration Between Apolitical and the Policy Community Partnership Office

We’re delighted to announce that the Integrated Policy Boot Camp has returned! Following a highly successful first run in July 2020, the boot camp is back and improved. Plus, in addition to individual participation, you can now register as a team with your colleagues. Here’s what past participants have to say:

“Phenomenal! Went broad and deep, not superficial. Adapted to today’s realities based on a variety of factors inside and outside of government.” – Andrew Miller (Policy Analyst, Transport Canada)*

“As a manager, it is without reserve that I recommend this boot camp which, in my opinion, has the perfect format, length and mix of resources. Like many of you, I have attended many policy courses, but THIS one delivers exactly the right amount of information, using different methods, to guide you towards a creative and realistic policy mindset.” – Carol-Ina Trudel (Manager, Canadian Heritage)*

Boot camp essentials:

You’ll be guided through seven bite-sized lessons delivered via email which will include videos, presentations and articles as well as other hands-on activities and resources.

  • Boot camp starts: Tuesday 17th November 2020
  • Length of boot camp: 7 lessons, with 2 weekly lessons over 4 weeks ending 8th December
  • Lessons include: Up to 20 minutes of required activities and 1 hour+ of recommended tasks, resources and interactive exercises
  • Target audience: New and seasoned policy practitioners and policy teams in the federal, provincial and territorial government in Canada (find out more)
  • Price: Free!

You’ll also have the opportunity to join live sessions where you can connect with others taking the boot camp and learn from each other’s experiences. At the end of the boot camp – as long as you complete all the required activities – you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

Why Join:

As policy practitioners, you are crucial players in shaping policy. For effective policy, it is essential that everyone involved in the process works together and understands the role they play. However, too often policy practitioners find themselves hindered by siloed ways of working.

This boot camp will expose both new and seasoned policy practitioners to different techniques and methods for each stage of the policy process and introduce an innovative way of doing policy through an ‘integrated’ approach.

From identifying the problem at hand, to developing and applying solutions and finally, evaluating their success, this boot camp will help you develop and deliver policy that works in new ways.

Over this 4-week boot camp, you’ll be equipped with the skills you need to utilise an integrated approach to policy that brings together different departments and functions within government.

Apolitical is delighted to offer this newly improved beta boot camp in partnership with the Policy Community Partnership Office, in the Government of Canada.


New to government or new to policy – This boot camp will familiarise you with the different stages of the policy process, help you understand your role within it and introduce you to different approaches and methods.

Seasoned policy practitioners and managers – Have you been working in policy for several years? This boot camp will expose you to a variety of new approaches and methods that will allow you to think about policy making in a different way.

Teams – Do you manage or are you part of a team that wants to upskill? Looking for an opportunity to team build? Take the boot camp with your colleagues and learn together to improve your policy work across the organisation. You’ll get a guide about how to take the bootcamp together when you sign up, plus pointers for group exercises and discussions with each lesson. (The course is self-paced, so you’ll still be able to complete it as an individual if you change your mind about learning as a team.)

What you’ll cover:

  • An introduction to the different stages of the policy process
  • How to use innovative methods and approaches for developing, implementing, and evaluating policy
  • How to break out of silos by approaching policy making in an integrated way
  • How to apply what you’ve learned to real-world examples and your own experience

Lesson plan:

Lesson 1: An introduction to policy and an ‘integrated’ approach
Lesson 2: Identifying the ‘real’ problem
Lesson 3: How to formulate policy options
Lesson 4: Giving advice and getting approval for your policy
Lesson 5: Designing and planning your policy
Lesson 6: How to implement your policy and evaluate its success
Lesson 7: Applying what you’ve learned

This boot camp is open to all federal, provincial and territorial public servants in Canada. If you are not yet a member of Apolitical, you will be taken to a signup page that will automatically register you for the boot camp.

*Testimonials collected as part of feedback from the July 2020 Boot Camp

Picture Credit: Unsplash