Mastering leadership: How to develop your inner leader

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What does a leader look like to you? Is it an executive of a large company, a top government official, or the head of a large team? The truth is that everybody can exercise leadership on a daily basis. In fact, leadership success or failure begins with how you approach leading yourself.

Excellent leadership, at all levels of government, is key to creating a better public service. This means that no matter your job title, leadership is a skill that every public servant should have.

One of the crucial first steps to developing great leadership skills is learning to lead yourself. In this workshop, we’ll look at mastering self-leadership and how you can nurture your own leadership skills no matter your role.

Who you’ll hear from:

Brigid Russell is a coach and organisational development consultant with over fifteen years of coaching practice and twenty-five years of consulting experience. Brigid has worked with public sector organisations on leadership in local government, higher education and the health service. From 2008-2015 Brigid was a leadership consultant for NHS Scotland. In recent years, Brigid has focused on the challenge of developing leadership in the context of complexity and uncertainty.

Who should watch:

This workshop is for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills and develop self-leadership

Picture credit: Unsplash