An introduction to human-centred design for public servants

Free Online Workshop | Exclusive for Public Servants and Policymakers

“We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.”

Human-centred design is an approach to problem solving that considers the human perspective at every step. When used in government, this means putting people back at the heart of policy and the services they use.

The benefits for citizens include services tailored to their specific needs and preferences and a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. For government, good design means services can be delivered more efficiently and at lower costs without compromising on quality.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basic principles and processes involved in human-centred design and how to apply them to your own role. You’ll also explore the strategies you need to use it in government.

What you’ll learn:

  • An introduction to human-centred design and how to apply it when designing policies, products and services
  • How to design services that bring people joy, rather than frustration
  • Design-thinking strategies you’ll be able to apply to any project
  • Tips for conducting user interviews and how to ask the right questions

Who you’ll hear from:

Stephane Vincent is the co-founder of the 27th Region, an “action-tank” which tests new innovation methods for designing public policy and prioritises the concrete experience of users, civil servants and citizens when re-examining public policy. Previously Stephane worked in the Limousin Regional government and as a consultant and managing partner.

Virginia Hamilton is an experienced public policy expert, with deep knowledge of both content and process. She teaches and facilitates processes using Design Thinking to improve public policy and programme design. Virginia also teaches Gov21, a programme for change makers in the federal government, for the Partnership for Public Service. Previously Virginia has worked at the Department of Labor on employee engagement and innovation.

Tebello Qhotsokoane is currently a Research and Policy Officer for Digital Pathways at Oxford, where he works on research that looks at the impact that technology will have on governance and inclusive economic growth for low and middle income countries in the Global South. Tebello has had several work experiences in the public and private sector, and his previous work experience has focused primarily on the integration of technology in the delivery of education and healthcare.

Who should watch:

This workshop is designed for public servants who want to learn more about human-centred design and how they can apply it in government, whether you’re new to human-centred design or want to learn new tips and techniques.

Picture credit: Unsplash

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