How to help your team ‘build back better’

A boot camp on flexible working

Free Online Boot Camp | Exclusive for Public Servants & Policymakers

As we gradually return to our workplaces, or settle into a home/office hybrid (or some other combination), it is becoming increasingly apparent that the workplace as we know it has vanished, never to return.

We are faced with an unprecedented opportunity to build a better workplace, by reflecting on what we have learned about how we work and considering what we might want to change permanently, and what still needs improving.

That’s why we developed this boot camp with the flexible working team at the NSW Public Service Commission for you to run with your team, to help build back better in the workplace. Whatever pace or pattern your workforce returns to the workplace in, and however they do that, having these discussions is a great opportunity for teams to design their ‘new normal’ way of working. Our expectations of flexibility have changed permanently, but our focus on outcomes has not – this boot camp helps you and your team find the balance.

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Lesson plan:

  • Week 1: Where are you now?
  • Week 2: What are your goals?
  • Week 3: How did you work over this period?
  • Week 4: Make a new flexibility plan
  • Week 5: Develop your ‘rules of the road’
  • Week 6: Make an action plan

You’ll get:

  • A toolkit with a series of six discussions, delivered weekly to your inbox
  • A series of simple templates to structure each discussion and devise a plan, as a team, as a result of those interactions
  • Videos and resources for further learning
  • Access to a discussion board on LinkedIn to discuss the outcomes of the boot camp

Who should join

This boot camp is for anyone looking to design a ‘new normal’ way of working in 2021, incorporating lessons learned from the past year.

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