Government Innovation and Leadership

Just as the public sector needs to innovate to improve the lives of citizens, public agencies also need to improve themselves. But how can government innovation overcome institutional silos, sluggish bureaucracy and a risk-averse culture to help agencies become the highly effective organisations people need? And just as crucially, how can they engage their citizens to repair their damaged trust in democracy?

We look at global trends and specific examples of innovation in the public sector around the world, from digital badges in Kentucky to ‘crisis mode’ in the UAE and the innovation fund in the state of Victoria, Australia. We also provide analysis of the some of the main trends and obstacles in the field, from the movement for evidence-based policymaking to ongoing difficulties like how to balance a desire for a new ideas with an entrenched aversion to risk. Finally, we also include contributions from leading practitioners and leading thinkers on this subject, including a regular column from the head of Denmark’s legendary MindLab.