Gender Equality

Gender equality seems to be making gains around the world. Australia has achieved gender parity at its highest level of the public service. Countries like Iceland and the UK are forcing companies to report their gender pay gap. New Zealand’s prime minister is having a baby while in office, and some of the biggest economies, like Germany, and most famous cities, like Paris, are led by women. And the #MeToo movement has given an added impetus to the drive for women’s empowerment.

And yet many deep-rooted inequalities remain. Reporting on the gender pay gap and #MeToo-style harassment has demonstrated how endemic these problems still are. Unequal access to education and jobs still restrict many women to poorer, more precarious lives. Systemic biases mean that many, even in the richest countries, still grow old in poverty. Violence and sexual violence are endemic in some parts of the world. We report on what’s being done about it, and whether it’s working. This strand of our reporting is a collaboration with the NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS).

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