Communicating for Public Servants – A Masterclass with Alex Aiken

How to integrate communications into policymaking — interactive (10 mins)

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  • Part 1: Masterclass with Alex Aiken
  • Part 2: Quick Quiz




Effective communication is a key ingredient of successful policymaking. The UK’s Executive Director for Government Communications, Alex Aiken, shares his top tips on how policymakers can communicate better with citizens.

“I loved it. Concise, but with very important lessons.” – Public servant in the UK

From understanding the audience through to adapting to modern digital culture, this course should teach you valuable communications principles that will enhance your policies.

After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  • — Understand important communications principles for public servants
  • — Successfully integrate communications into the policymaking process
  • — Work together with communications colleagues to achieve goals