5 Days of Ideas for Reforming your Care System

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This 5-day course is designed for those who have an intermediary or advanced knowledge of care reform. Through a blend of case studies, expert opinions and interactive resources, we’ll walk you through examples of successful interventions working around the world, from New Zealand to Liberia to Ireland. You’ll get:

  • Bite-sized activities or articles, taking 10 minutes or less per day, for 5 days
  • A survey of less well known interventions in areas from family mediation to therapy through storytelling
  • Lessons on how to measure and evaluate what works in care reform
  • A practical resource designed to help you apply these insights to your national context

If you would prefer to take a more introductory course, guiding you through the fundamentals of care reform and institutionalisation, please register for the 101 course here.

You can complete as many or as few as you like, and you’ll have opportunities to connect with peers and experts applying these concepts globally.

Open to all participants from the public service, civil society, and academia. If you are not yet a member of Apolitical, you will be taken to a signup page that will automatically register you for the sprint.