How to Have Better Government Meetings

Online Lightning Talks with Public Servants

Free Online Workshop | Exclusive for Public Servants & Policymakers

We’ve all been trapped in a seemingly endless meeting and thought: there must be a better way.

Get the recording for this online workshop and hear four 5-minute talks from leading public servants, followed by a Q&A, on how to avoid “meetings that should have been emails” syndrome. Each speaker shared their top tips to make your meetings more effective, whether you’re holding a quick check-in or a team-wide strategy meeting.

You heard talks on:

  1. Why have a meeting in the first place?
  2. How to be a pro facilitator
  3. Why poor “meeting hygiene” could be costing you time and productivity
  4. The secrets to a great (and inclusive!) remote meeting

Who you heard from:

  • Vasant Chari, head of PolicyLab, UK Cabinet Office
  • Sam Villis, Acting Head of Digital at the National Leadership Centre, UK Cabinet Office
  • Susan Johnston, one of Canada’s Free Agents currently working with the Transferable Skills team at the Canada School of Public Service
  • Gray O’Byrne, Lead of Platform Design at Talent Cloud for the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Picture Credit: Unsplash