Agile 50
The World’s 50 Most Influential People Revolutionising Government

We’re excited to share the Agile 50: the World’s 50 Most Influential People Revolutionising Governance. This list seeks to laud those politicians, civil servants and entrepreneurs driving agility in governments all around the world. It recognises both high-profile icons and shines light on the unsung heroes whose work is indispensable in transforming government to respond to rapid technological change.

Long before the pandemic, governments were grappling with how to seize the opportunities of innovation – such as autonomous vehicles, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and biotechnology – while mitigating the risks. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified this challenge, increasing the need for governments to enable new ways of doing things in the face of widespread social and economic disruption.

Public sector leaders are pioneering novel approaches to governance – such as regulatory sandboxes – to respond to this wave of innovation in an agile way. Taking inspiration from agile software development, our Agile 50 leaders are proactive in outlook and ruthlessly focused on outcomes, using collaboration and experimentation as tools to support continuous learning and adaptation – with exciting results.

These awards seek to recognise their contribution. Following a call for nominations at Davos in January 2020, we gathered over 300 recommendations from global business leaders, tech startups, civil society organisations and public servants. The final selection was made in collaboration with the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Agile Governance. If you’d like to know more about how we made our choices please click here.

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